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Archangel Michael 2015

Archangel Michael And The Circle Of Fire

Queen Tia Tephi- The Egyptian Goddess of Tara, using Her presence to invoke and ground the Light of Archangel Michael into the Land and the Ancestral Realms. Archangel Michael, the Warrior Archangel of Heaven. He carries the Divine vibrations of Strength, Protection, Truth and Justice. Archangel Michael is the Solar Archangel of the South. He carries the Topaz/Fire Ray to burn away impurities and uses His Sword of Light to release us from ties of fear and negativity. Archangel Michael is the Lord of the Blue Ray of Divine Consciousness – He carries this deep into our Being to Awaken and Re-member this Sacred Memory of Divine Truth within us, to call into manifestation the Truth of who we are. Archangel Michael uses His Shield of Protection to prevent negative, old thought processes and patterns from hindering us on our Journey and Path of Wholeness and Truth.

At the bottom of the painting we see the Sacred Cairn of Tara- aligning with the Sunrise and anchoring the presence of the Sun God into the Land. This Cairn comes into alignment at the festival of Samhain and again on the celebration day of the Goddess Brigid. To the left of the cairn is Queen Meabh ( Maeve)-Goddess of Sovereignty- entwined with the roots of the Sacred Hawthorn of Tara, the Doorway to the Faerie and Ancestral Realms. To the right of the Cairn we see the Ancient Sun God Lugh Lamhfada (Lugh of the Long Arm) – whome some believe is the earthly representation of Archangel Michael.  He is shown holding the Sacred Sun Disc and beside Him is His Spear of Assal – The Magic Spear of Victory – one of the 4 Treasures of the Tuatha de Dannan. Around Lugh we see the Lia Fail ( Stone of Destiny), the sacred stone of the High Kings of Ireland and the Double Ring fort at the Hill of Tara..

When the Awakening series of paintings finally brought me to Opening to the Beloved. It also brought me to an understanding that in the energy of Oneness, there is no need to strive - not to be a better person, to be loved, or to be admired. It is all about just being. It’s about truly loving who I am, warts and all. For the first time in mylife, when the art was finished, I really felt like I hadachieved a snapshot of the experience of the painting.

Within the experience of Opening to the Beloved there was also a profound shift in my relationship with pain.Creating art has always been a place I could lose myself. While in deep concentration and the energy of the muse, I could disconnect from the constant back pain. I well remember the evening I gave a talk at Father Dennis O’Neill’s Rectory in Chicago. I had to use sticks to walk
in those days, but vividly remember putting the sticks to one side as I stood in front of the audience. The next minute I was moving swiftly around the room with no pain at all. Opening to the Beloved was engaging with Divine Love, moving from the place of “I am in pain” and
“why me?” to a place where, while there was the awareness of pain, I was not feeding it fear, anger, or frustration. Those emotions that only served to exacerbate the pain.Being. It is what it is.


The completion of the painting was also the completion of a continuous progression of energetic shifts that lasted through the three months it took to work through the four paintings. The energy I experienced had no interest in physical time and I was often woken from my sleep to
complete certain details on the picture as though some kind of greater Cosmic clock needed this to happen at this special moment. As the art evolved the intensity increased. Courtney became the vehicle for the magic to happen. The vehicle that cleaned the brushes and prepared the paper, looking after myself to be a good and clear channel. To this day, I find it difficult to accept
too much praise for the art. It’s like praising the paper the brush and pen for their skills, they all play their part but would be nothing without Divine Presence

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