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on the Hill Of TARA

The Tara Open Studio began in July 2014 as a two month exhibition of the art of Courtney Davis, the event  was so successful, Courtney was asked if he would like to stay on for an indefinite period.
Over time the gallery gradually evolved into a venue for meditations and other various spiritual activities and in a short time it also evolved into an holistic shop.

The Lifespirit shrine as evolved over the three years the gallery has been running, gradually in that time its slowly built up many offerings and you are welcome to light a candle or just sit quietly and relax in the atmosphere.

The Transition painting has a relic of St. Brigid at its centre, it seemed fitting to create a shrine here on Tara for her and the different women’s groups that use the gallery. Here you can burn an affirmation in our cauldron.

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