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Christ Consciousness 2015

The Christ consciousness symbol is extremely powerful and protective.  It is symbolic of the highest vibration we as humans can hope to attain to.  Although it has been adopted by many religions its origin goes far beyond any religion.  It is the energy that is available to every man, woman and child should they wish to seek it out.   It aligns us to our truest selves that as beings of pure unconditional love.  It removes the illusions of fears and is an aid to us living in harmony and in our truth.  When invoked it is extremely protective bringing forth the energy immediately of the highest purist light.  This symbol invokes the protective and healing qualities of the ascended masters through the highest light.  It will support the individual ascension process and ensure you remain true to your highest path.  This symbol is amazing, powerful and highly recommended to meditate with.    

Part One

Part Two

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  Phoenix Rising     Opening To The Beloved   Breath Of The Beloved    Lifespirit  •  Transition   

   Tara    Christ Consciousness    Archangel Micheal  •  Cangleska Wakan- Sacred Circle    Mythic Circle  
 •  Manifestation Of The Beloved   

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