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Welcome to the YouTube channel for the Sacred Art Of Courtney Davis. Courtney began creating his art in 1977, published his first book in 1984 an has since created a further 52 over the years. The channel will feature his art, his books and the background to his amazing output of Celtic, Arthurian, Viking and Awakening art and we will be adding regular videos of art projects with some background to their conception and story. Over the years he has constantly been asked to speak more about my Merlin experience and the connections that guide my hand and the pens, brushes. Courtney's art has changed significantly since moving to Ireland in 2013 and there is now a greater emphasis on Irish mythical traditions, the goddesses and the sacred sites. We plan to reflect this inspiration in future videos.

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In 2016 Courtney Davis was invited to exhibit his art at the famous Newgrange Megalithic Center in Meath, Ireland. Rather than showing art already created he decided to paint a series of 13 new pieces based on the myths and legends of the Boyne Valley. Treasa Kerrigan wrote the description for each piece of art and this formed a small accompanying booklet Ancient Echoes. Celtic Echoes will expand on the exhibition and will focus on Irish Goddesses. This intro video is the beginning of a series that will be created for each new art work, offering insight to how Courtney works and also a description of each goddess being depicted. 

You can view a free copy of the Ancient Echoes eBook



I am constantly asked how the paintings are conceived, so in today's video I would like to share a glimpse of the overshadowing of the Merlin Energy that occurs most days at my drawing board as I work. At my talks and workshops, I often demonstrate how thin the veil is between worlds. With the use of dowsing rods, I can show the area of the aura of the painting and then show what happens when I step into that sacred space.When I first experienced this phenomenon it totally changed how I viewed the paintings past and future. For some reason although I had this connection every day when I stepped to the drawing board, I never truly recognised the potency of the art and that where I stood each day had become a strong energetic sacred space.Before my Merlin connection a single piece of work would take days to complete and its finished form always seemed lacking or was trying to be over impressing. Too many notes.After a period of time and after I had gone through some kind of energetic apprenticeship with the Mage, the paintings became more fluid and for many years. because of my book commitments at the time, we often completed a painting a day and every day.



Apart from a short flirtation with Henna, I have never been truly tempted to get myself tattooed. There is of course, always that chance that it might happen some time in the future, I certainly recognise the pride people have in their chosen design and designs upon their bodies. Often people stripped off at gallery exhibitions in the past to show off their Courtney designs, to the bewilderment of my mother who often helped out. I recognise for many that it’s a connection with their ancestors and spiritual path they are traveling. Often in its construction there was a real sense that my skills were being stretched as I had to work the design to the contours of the body. The challenge was always rewarded by the joy it gave the client who was to wear my art It was always a great honour for me that someone asked me to design an image that they will wear for the rest of their lives.

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In this video, Courtney Davis talks up on a private tour of some of his artworks. The art plays tricks with the camera focus for some reason, so please bare with us.

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