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Throughout my life as an artist I have rarely shared the magical process that has carried me over the past 35 years. It certainly hasn't found its way into the many books I have produced over the years. Since arriving in Ireland and especially opening the Tara Open Studio in June 2014, the reaction to displaying my art as been a revelation for me. People were very eager to hear the background story and experience the energy of the art.

The new workshops and talks I am preparing are going to be very much about the background story to my life and the magic behind the paintings. Focusing on the 30 years of collaboration with the Merlin Energy each day in my studio, the energies inspiration and lessons carried me through many hard situations and I shared that spirit in a series of Merlin inspired Infinity Seed workshops I ran in 2010.

With the life changing experience that occurred in 2011 and Merlin stepping away for a time, all my belief system fell apart and a new opening to the embrace of the Beloved and In Tune With The Infinite workshops began.

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