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Mythic Circle 2018

The Mythic Circle was completed on the eve of my 70th year and was birthed at a time of appraising this next stage in my life, however long that might be and this included the probability of the body beginning to show signs of wear and tear and how I would cope with that. For someone who was always very independent and always looked after others, the idea of being unable to continue as I am and accepting the reality that I need help and the recognition that pride might have to be dropped. Then of course this includes the final stage of passing on and that phase I do go through some form of preperation already for the eventual release.

These times can bring with them various reflective avenues of contemplation, some will be joyful and others will obviously evoke sadness as the realisation of a very different world could have been  experienced if only we had taken the chsnce of  happiness over security no matter how painfull the situation that needed  to be endured to remain in the situation. 


There will be a lots of regret at so much wasted and lost time and certainly wishing you had done things differently. 

This can all be taken as dark and depressing or seen as a reminder of how short is our span on Earth and that this time could be spent more productively, "what can I offer humanity" rather than " what can humanity do for me". We are always asking God for our help and not, what can I do for God. What I have discovered writing my recent books is that what we think happened in our past as actually no or little truth to it's reality. Time and again stories hurtfull and joyful, that I connect with the past, when I compare old  notes i have found time and again that they do not collate to the truth of the time. That over time events have been coloured and amalgamated with other stories till they bear no resemblance to truth. Some of these stories plague and control our entire lives and othey do so with a very small vestige truth. Past cannot be changed but your future can if you want it enough. We have forgotten our connection with the universe, we are the universe we are all one. We say that mantra but it kind of feels hollow most of the time to us, but if this is all one that everything single action and thought relates to everything, then what if some action that has driven your life with pain in fact held a hidden truth, that your action actually had a positive outcome unbeknown to you. Of course its important that from these experiences good and bad that they are lessons learnt, otherwise there's a good chance that perhaps and in a different scenario, the situation will arise again.

I think the creative urge that drives me, will make sure that this precious time left is used productively and I open myself to the myriad paths that it might take me, and the remaining time can be used to deepen my connection with the Universe rather than resorting to panic at the coming reality of deaths embrace and truly stepping into the fire fearlessly. 

I am very conscious of what's been achieved here on Tara and the fragility for it to continue when I do depart. Hopefully without me it will succeed when the realisation of its possible closure hits people. You cannot help but start evaluating your life and where once time stretched out before me and there was always time to spare. Time now is much shorter and it's living everyday as fully as you can and not waste each precious moment. 

Suddenly the way life is evaluated changes and can understand the need by some people to embrace religion at this time as a hand of support and comfort. Perhaps  though disregarded through much of our lives, at times of concern and desperation we often turn to God and pray for help and guidance. 

Of course these 'death thoughts' that have certainly risen at this time, could herald a change in the physical, but not of the physical shell being discarded, it may actually be the signal for a new metamorphosis onto a very different pathway. It's a time when the restraints that have governed our lives suddenly loosen and open up to avenues of expression through the arts, travel and our interactions with others. When you clearly see and experience life here as something that's actually quite fleeting, this realisation can actually open to a more playful approach to life rather than digging in and trying to build some kind of protective wall to prevent anything adverse disturbing your space.

The Mythic Circle is an awakening to life's magic, beauty and continuation beyond anything we can hardly imagine. It's important to remember that awareness has been with us since birth and never ages, its the Still space where I resides. People often say that they don't feel their age, these have a closer affinity to the Universal love that imbues their lives. Those accepting thought as truth and who they are, embellishes inadequacies, fears, the breaking the spirit. This encourages a life and weariness and illhealth, this sense of worth feeds the thought and unleashes an endless cycle of despair. 

Creating the art is accepting the opportunity to face and free these obstacles that prevent us from truly seeing what we are. The freeing comes not from pushing these feelings away or creating invocations to eradicate, it comes from compassionately opening to each concern and setting it free with simple love at the lesson learnt.

As I write this text I am totally aware that the words I put down may never see the light of day, the awareness that this fact is totally acceptable, is again a freedom, that I am able to let go without regret. The point is I am writing to the very edge of any understanding and at some point I may not be able to carry on expressing beyond this point. Giving time to this search for further realisation may involve making a step into a moment of pure heart feeling that goes beyond simple words. The writing will hopefully catch up afterwards though the words will only ever capture a small glimpse of the true realisation moment. That's all, there may not be any use for this expression more than revealing this moment to the Beloved and that's totally ok.

Though could be viewed as the Tarot Death card, I see the Mythic Circle as a vehicle for change, no matter what, the Universe will push you into change will happen no matter what, nothing stands still. You have no choice and do better to accept and embrace the Divine, because it's given to you with grace.

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