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Throughout my life as an artist I have rarely shared the magical process that has carried me over the past 35 years. It certainly hasn't found its way into the many books I have produced over the years. Since arriving in Ireland and especially opening the Tara Open Studio in June 2014, the reaction to displaying my art as been a revelation for me. People were very eager to hear the background story and experience the energy of the art.

The new workshops and talks I am preparing are going to be very much about the background story to my life and the magic behind the paintings. Focusing on the 30 years of collaboration with the Merlin Energy each day in my studio, the energies inspiration and lessons carried me through many hard situations and I shared that spirit in a series of Merlin inspired Merlin and Infinity Seed workshops I ran in 2010.

With the life changing experience that occurred in 2012 and Merlin stepping away for a time, all my belief system fell apart and a new opening to the embrace of the Beloved and In Tune With The Infinite workshops began.

"His long journey into oneness and his progression as a healer and teacher has enabled him to develop a healing modality that provides the grounding for  his healing energy, which is born in universal consciousness and manifested though his physical form as a unique expression of oneness and it works on the physical, emotional and mental levels within an individual - assisting in the cleansing of deep seated issues so that those who experience both his healing and his art can reflect on their realisations and progress with their lives.” 

Art Giser  Founder of Energetic NLP

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“Courtney has worked with the universal life force energy for nearly 40 years, it has been the guiding hand that has taken him through 50 publications in that time.

He uses that same energy to enhance the quality of life, treating the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace security and wellbeing.” 
John Fielder Master Coach & NLP Trainer


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